A site traffic management plan template is used to plan site traffic and work zones, mainly when construction occurs. A site traffic management plan template ensures workers are safe from equipment and vehicles within and outside the construction site. They are also used to assess whether workers comply with the safety precautions to enhance workplace safety, traffic controls, and general protection of all employees on the site.

With the site traffic management plan template, you can inspect the safety precautions and traffic control plans before starting your day’s activities. You can also inspect the traffic control safety measures by providing details of speed limits, your project, expected traffic conditions, safety signs, and personal protective equipment worn by the employees.

Why Should Construction Sites Have Site Traffic Management Plan Template

Construction sites are among the risky working places. Still, many people earn a living by working on different construction sites. Employers need to develop a management plan to enhance the safety and security of construction workers. A site traffic management plan template is one of the plans that help employers improve the safety of their employees by ensuring that they have complete traffic control of the construction site. This traffic management plan template is usually essential in a construction site because;

  • They offer support to the construction site workers

A workplace traffic management plan template supports construction workers by determining the proper safety equipment to protect people affected by the construction. Some of the safety equipment used in such a situation include fences, traffic lights, barricades, safety cones, and closed road signs. All these safety equipment ensure that the construction sites are properly established and that workers are not exposed to danger from the traffic outside the construction site.

  • Protects road users and workers from the danger

A good reason a site traffic management plan template needs to be used is to outline how road construction will be implemented. This makes sure that there is a perfect plan that monitors the activities taking place on the roads under construction. Therefore, it becomes easy for workers and road users to be protected from any potential danger and risks. However, before you use your site traffic management plan template, it has to be approved by your local transport authority before you begin any road activities and work.

  • Ensures safe road construction project

When construction sites are established, employers partner with traffic management teams to control traffic and create a safe work zone during road construction. This ensures no accidents or any other potential danger at the sites. For this reason, the site traffic management plan template helps guarantee that the construction projects will be safe and undisrupted.

What Should be Contained in a Site Traffic Management Plan Template?

A site traffic management plan template covers several things, which include;

  1. The design plan: Your Site traffic management plan template should be able to illustrate what the traffic will be like during the construction period. This is to enhance the safe movements of the vehicles along the equipment separating the road users’ protective zones and work areas. It also determines the kind of vehicles that use the roads under construction so that proper distance and measurement are considered when separating the main road and the work zone.
  1. Implementation : The template plan also ought to provide information on when the workers begin their construction and when they should leave the site.
  1. Maintenance: This involves the design phases. The first phase is a rough outline with a plan that details the construction sequence and traffic management control. The second place covers the major traffic management plan components like detour area, geometry, advance signing layouts, gore areas, intersections, and barrier wall needs. Finally, the last phase, the completing phase, involves only pay items.
  1. Removal or alteration of temporary traffic management plan: Covers how temporal traffic arrangements can be removed or altered when the job is completed. It involves the removal of speed restriction signs, temporary markings, barrier systems, and delineation devices. These quick traffic management are usually removed or altered in reverse order. Unlike planning, maintenance, and installation, this is the easiest task, but safety must be maintained too.

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