Tight access excavation refers to excavations which take in place in areas where access is narrower when compared to open access areas. In high density living areas there is lays a dearth of space for homes. This lack of space has led to home owners making the most of the space they have been provided. Due to this very reason excavations of tight spaces is now pretty common. The excavation may refer to all of the following instances:

  • Excavations in the back yard
  • Clear outs and demolitions ensuring that no harm is caused to the neighbouring properties
  • Levelling while ensuring wall retention

These are just a few instance of tight access excavations. There are also other situations which might arise. For such excavations special kinds of tools and machineries are used.

These tools would include

  • Mini excavators
  • Rock breaking equipment
  • Demolition equipment
  • Re shaping equipment

Retaining walls in tight access areas

Retaining walls is a practical consideration when there is any form of excavation going on, on the property. In case the ground is sloped or uneven, it would be required to level out the space without causing damage to the surrounding walls or structures. This is considered as a tight access space. Working in this confined space requires specialized tools and excavators.

Retaining a wall has quite a number of benefits. These include the following;

  • It helps prevent erosion from occurring
  • Helps to stabilise the soil
  • Help get rid of access water with the help of drainage techniques

What exactly is excavation?

Excavators are used to create space. Let’s assume that a client owns an open space, which however cat be put to good use. In such an instance there could be a number of reasons for this. It could either be due to the presence of additional structures. The removal of these structures allows for the space to be utilised in the right manner.

At certain times when a bull dozer and a regular excavator would suffice, the job is done without a great deal of hassle. However, there are spaces which might be called tight access due to lack of space. In such a situation different kind of tools are used. This is because care has to be taken that a structure or an obstacle is taken down without causing damage to another part of a property.

While excavation is definitely not limited to an open space, it might be even carried out in closed spaces. One such example is striping off an office space. This would include ripping off fixtures, breaking down walls to create extra space and creating an office layout which would suffice.

When hiring tight access excavation services, make sure you hire the ones which are experts in carrying out such procedures. You don’t want to be left with a situation where the excavation comes at the cost of ruining the aesthetics of the space that you own. It’s a process which is pretty intricate and requires specialised tools and experience.

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