The construction industry is evolving at a rapid pace. There are several innovations which improve construction efficiency. Void formers have a crucial role in creating durable structures and streamlining the construction process.  

What are void formers?

Void formers, also known as void slabs, are integrated into construction to create cavities or fill up empty spaces within the concrete structure. The cavity within the concrete helps reduce the weight without compromising its strength. These void formers are designed from materials like plastic, foam, or cardboard, allowing for better design in construction projects. 

The use of void formers in construction 

  • Void formers are lightweight and can help reduce the weight of the concrete structure helping make them light without impacting the structural integrity of the building. This lightweight quality is important when designing high-rise buildings and bridges where weight is an important factor. 
  • Better efficiency. Using void formers can help streamline the construction process because it reduces the amount of concrete needed. It can help save construction time and minimizes the material cost. 
  • Better insulation and soundproofing. The void created by the farmers can be utilized to improve the installation within the building. It also helps soundproof the area and create a peaceful environment. 

Different types of void formers 

  • Plastic void formers are made from high-density polyethylene [HDPE]. These can help increase the durability and versatility of the building. You can find void formers in different shapes and sizes therefore they’re able to fit into different construction projects. 
  • Foam void formers are crafted from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS}. These are a lightweight option which is ideal for creating voids in the slabs and the walls. 
  • Cardboard dude farmers are environmentally friendly and are usually used in creating cylindrical tubes within concrete structures like columns or pillars.  

Applications of void formers 

  • Void formers are used for bridge constructions because they can help reduce the weight, without impacting its load-bearing capacity. It also helps enhance longevity and minimizes the use of extra material, resulting in a cost-effective solution. 
  • High-rise buildings are a part of skyscraper construction where the weight of the building must be at a certain level to improve its safety and efficiency. The void formers help to create tall and robust buildings and reduce their overall weight while maintaining structural integrity. 
  • Residential and commercial buildings also benefit from the use of void formers. The voids are used in floors and walls for various purposes and can help facilitate and create hollow spaces for utilities. 

The advantages of using void formers 

  • Void formers can help increase cost efficiency and reduce material wastage. These are the right financial solutions for construction projects that need to be at a certain budget. 
  • While minimizing the use of concrete, the construction process is quicker and, therefore, more efficient, resulting in a better project time-line. 
  • Cardboard tube farmers are environmentally sustainable and can contribute to green efforts using recyclable materials. 

Void formers designed for construction professionals are useful in modern construction and can offer, several advantages that range from cost efficiency to sustainability. For more information on void formers, make sure that you speak with a reliable vendor to provide you with effective and budget-friendly construction solutions. 

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