Whenever a tool with edges is used, it’s normal to see it go through a great deal of wear and tear. However using certain kind of wear protection equipment can help prevent the edges from becoming rounded over a period of time.

For example in order to protect the steel edges zinc is used to prevent corrosion. Machines which are used on a regular basis often tend to corrode over time. Using zinc protection can help prevent the steel edge from becoming corroded.

Places where the steel is cut or pierced has unprotected edges. However when there is a coating of zinc present on the edges, instead of the steel, the zinc is sacrificed and therefore helps prevent the stability of the steel edges. This not only helps promote the longevity but is also known to offer a better cutting technology. In other words it helps slow down the rate at which the cutting edge becomes corroded.


Why zinc is used for wear protection for cutting edge

  • Zinc is one of the most important materials used in industries. It helps make steel a lot more durable. In fact if it is not used to protect the cutting edges it can increase the wear and tear on the steel.
  • Zinc can help save the thickness of the cutting edge by sacrificing itself. The mass of the zinc which is coated onto the edge would depend on the thickness of the material used for cutting edges.
  • The zinc coating has the ability to protect the exposed steel from the environment. Research has proved that it can offer complete protection for quite a number of decades. Some even go on to say that it offers hundred year protection.
  • It helps protect the expensive components of the machinery. We all know that industrial equipment and cost a great deal. Therefore it’s necessary to offer the right kind of protection for it. Zinc coating can offer the right kind of protection.
  • It can help you get the most out of your machines performance.


Getting the right wear protection for cutting edges

It’s crucial to wear protection for cutting edges. This can have a major impact on the operation and improves productivity and increases profits. The following are some of the most commonly used cutting edges protective equipment:

  • Hammerless shrouds: these are designed for base edges and offer protection from high bucket systems.
  • Bolt on half arrows: These protect the lip of the bucket from getting damaged. These offer a consistent kind of protection.
  • Cutting edge segment center: these have a moderate impact resistance and again help protect the lip of the bucket. These are manufactured from steel and have a long wear life.

However it should be kept in mind that the use of all of the above mentioned can result in being exposed to lead and other lead compounds. Make sure that the person using the machinery is wearing the right kind of protective gear.


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