We often hear about a friend or family member who had an accident, but you might never know what happened if you fail to observe a vital warning sign – the presence of white smoke from the exhaust. As the name suggests, this is the kind of smoke you can see escaping your car exhaust system. It is not a clear and odourless kind, neither does it give off a warm or fuzzy feel. Instead, it is highly pungent, which can be pretty threatening if inhaled by humans. For this, ensure to take care to note this warning sign and perform proper maintenance on our vehicles to avoid any such incidents in the future.

Understand the cause

To better understand the cause of this pungent odour, it is imperative that we first discuss what happens when your car engine burns out. You may have noticed that the headlights go out when the engine has trouble starting. This is because your exhaust system doesn’t function well while the car is running. But the problem is not so complex. There are numerous reasons why your exhaust system could be failing, and only an experienced mechanic can help you determine the exact cause behind it.

You mustn’t try to fix the problem yourself. While you might think you can perform minor repairs on your own, you may end up harming your vehicle’s exhaust system. An expert mechanic is the only way to go. If you fail to fix the problem yourself, you might be opening yourself up to more significant issues like engine blockages, which can have drastic effects on your car’s performance. As a result, make sure you leave the task to a professional.

Common reasons

A common cause of this “smoke from exhaust” is faulty carburettor filters. Finding it hard while starting your car because of exhaust system problems, the worst thing you can do is replace the filter. However, changing the filter is a complicated task. If you do not know how to do it, your mechanic might not be willing to do it for you.

Another major contributor to the “strange white smoke from exhaust” is faulty exhaust system spark plugs. Spark plugs usually wear out after continuous use over a certain period. They need to be replaced to keep your car’s exhaust system running smoothly.

Faulty oxygen sensors could also contribute to this problem. Oxygen sensors are used in the exhaust system to ensure that a sufficient amount of oxygen is supplied to the combustion chamber. If the sensor malfunctions, the oxygen level in your exhaust system could fall dangerously low, leading to the “strange white smoke from exhaust.”

Fixing the problem

Another cause of this symptom is misfiring catalytic converter or exhaust system exhaust. Under normal circumstances, catalytic converters play an important role in removing toxic gases from the car’s exhaust gases. If they malfunction, the poisonous gases often flow out in the exhaust fumes. This could lead to an increasing level of pollution in your neighbourhood.

To fix this problem, most automotive repair shops use exhaust system spark plug replacement to rectify the issue. Spark plug replacement is often a complex job, and you should not try to do it yourself unless you have ample experience working on cars. You may end up spending much more than what you expect if you try to fix the problem on your own. If you cannot set the problem yourself, seek assistance from a professional mechanic instead. This will protect you from experiencing the “strange white smoke from exhaust.”

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