Countrywide Group is one of the famous developers of Christchurch. This company believes that Christchurch city has a high potential of emerging to be the most desirable city in the world. As one way of ensuring this is achieved, these developers have set their own sights on making this vision a reality. Through their blending knowledge on the construction industry that is hands-on and accompanied by an investment history that is long and successful, Countrywide Group is reshaping this city. This is done through the blending of offices, retail and hospitality spaces that are designed as one way of making Christchurch a hub of activity that is vibrant.

Countrywide Group is also turning its experiences to the sector of industrialization. As a result, it develops buildings that are highly-functional and they have seen the growth of the businesses. Furthermore, their residential projects provide a promise of a home that is perfect and one that complements current busy lifestyles.

The company has several investment properties that are fully-owned by the subsidiary companies and is also building a portfolio that is worth more than 100 million US dollars. A good example is Victoria Street. After seeing it coming up with commercial properties that are safe, of high quality and secure. These premises will be used in housing the businesses that were displaced following the recent seismic upheaval that was recorded to be catastrophic in Christchurch.

Countrywide Group only selects tenants who have a high calibre and longer tenancies and who are in the position of sharing the values of the company. They have a number of varying tenancies that are recognized as being mutually supportive. These include the service provides who are professionals in this field such as consultants for designing, firms for law and accounting, and hospitality operators who are leading in several reputations, both nationwide and citywide. Furthermore, the Trust is equipped with a number of support facilities for its workers including car parking, health, and fitness.

Mike Sullivan is one of the founders of this Trust. He is a site engineer with the experience of several years in addition to being the project manager and the chief surveyor. The first construction industry by the name Clearwater construction was started by him in the year 1985.

Richard Diver is another founder of this Trust who is recognized as the builder by trade. His movement from the investment sector to the development sector is something that is regarded as a natural transition. Ever since Richard has gained a lot of experience in the development sector with both local and national knowledge.