CBD & Building Information

CBD Red Zone Access Programme

All access to the Red Zone is now being coordinated through CERA.  Information on the Red Zone Access Programme is available on the CERA website.  To view that information click here.

Cordon Map

To view the Christchurch city cordon map click here.

Structural Assessments

Information about Structural Assessments, including guidelines to help building owners complete the assessment, is available on the CERA website.  To view the webpage click here.


The Christchurch City Council is responsible for all roading in Christchurch.  The Council is reguarly updating their website with information about cordons, speed restrictions and road closures.  Click here to see the roading information on the City Council's website.

Resource Consents

For resource consent information pleast contact the Council on 03 941 8999 ext 2012, or email epadutyplanner@ccc.govt.nz. The City Council understands that many businesses have been forced to relocate following the earthquakes - many to residential areas.  Therefore rules regarding permitted activities have been relaxed.  Information regarding temporary accommodation/activities and permits is available on the City Council website.  To view that information click here.

Civil Defence Placards

Civil Defence placards expired on 12 July 2011 however after this date new placards were issued by CERA and the Christchurch City Council.  CERA issued placards for commercial buildings outside the CBD red zone and the Council issued placards for buildings in the hill suburbs.  For information about the placards visit the Christchurch City Council website here or the CERA website here.