Construction Builders is one of the best companies that provides commercial Construction  services in Christchurch. This company is excellent when it comes to building knowledge. It provides project management that is effective due to its experience in the industry of more than 18 years. The company is in a position of repairing, renovating and building the homes and the businesses located within Christchurch. The services are safe, efficient and their standard is extremely high.

This building company for Christchurch has an experience that is extensive in providing heavy primary structures, heavy concrete work, and heavy Construction  styles. Furthermore, the repairs and the cladding systems that it provides to the leaking homes are also graded highly.

Construction Builders are legally accepted as a building practitioner and is an EQ builder that is accredited with a licence of Site2. This allows it to supervise any trade, in addition to providing Construction  services to any type of building, be it a residential building or a commercial one.

The company offers earthquake repair services to the residential buildings and to the business buildings. It is the best when it comes to offering new builds like house building services, business premises building services, and architectural properties building services. Furthermore, it offers interior fit-outs to the educational structures, commercial structures, retail structures, public structures and office structures. Finally, they provide kitchen renovations, alteration renovations, and bathroom renovations.

Construction Builders have the main goal of rebuilding Christchurch. In ensuring this is successful it offers earthquake repair services to the damaged houses and the commercial properties, renovation of the existing structures and building of the new businesses and houses. For the case of the earthquake repairs, Construction Builders works hand in hand with the customer’s insurance company and are held responsible for taking care of the project management and the works of the customer’s building. Moreover, they coordinate the uninsured works as one way of tying them with the customer’s EQ repairs. They also ensure that higher professional standards are upheld inclusive of the health and the safety standards.

Construction Builders is capable of conducting any commercial Construction  work that is required to be undertaken at Christchurch. Having a licence for Site2 LBP, this builder does not encounter any restrictions related to a place they are allowed to work at. The company uses a management approach that is hands-on as one way of ensuring that their services provide:

  • Minimal disturbance to the staff of the client.
  • Workmanship that is of high quality from the sub-contractors.
  • Delivery services that take the shortest possible time as per the agreed budget.
  • A site management that is hands-on.
  • Services that pays attention to the design and structure plans.